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Antitrust (Hovenkamp)

Summer 2021   LAW 607-001  

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Herbert Hovenkamp

James G. Dinan University Professor

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Satisfies Senior Writing Requirement



Class meets online.

Meeting Times/Location
TR 5:30PM - 7:55PM

This course meets during a special session:
(06/01/21 - 07/22/21)




The course, which is ordinarily taught in the fall semester, considers the basic principles of federal antitrust law, focusing on practices that are forbidden by the Sherman Act. It will examine the law of exclusionary practices by dominant firms ("monopolization" and attempt to monopolize), horizontal restraints (including price fixing, joint ventures, and other forms of collusion); and some elements of private enforcement. No previous knowledge of economics is assumed. To the extent time is available, the final sessions will be devoted to hot topics of current interest. A complimentary course, offered in the spring semester, focuses on mergers (horizontal and vertical), antitrust and intellectual property, and vertical restraints. The courses are not cumulative. Students may take either or both and in any sequence. In addition to the assigned book some materials will be distributed via Canvas.


"ANTITRUST LAW, POLICY AND PROCEDURE: CASES, MATERIALS, PROBLEMS " by E. Thomas Sullivan, H. Hovenkamp, Howard A. Shelanski & Christopher R. Leslie
Edition: 8th ed. 2019
Publisher: Carolina Academic Press
ISBN: 9781531014148

"Federal Antitrust Policy, The Law of Competition and Its Practice" by Herbert Hovenkamp
Edition: 6th edition
Publisher: West Academic Publishing
ISBN: 9781684674350