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Business Strategy, Private Equity, and Corporate Law (Golkin)

Spring 2023   LAW 542-401  

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Perry Golkin

Adjunct Professor of Law

Additional Information
Experiential Course


Skills Training
Oral Presentations
Team Projects
Expository Writing

30% Participation,
40% Paper,
30% Other (The 40% allocated to the paper refers to the major team project each student is required to complete. Students will have multiple options. The 30% "other" refers to a number of smaller assignments and projects required at various points during the term.)

Satisfies Senior Writing Requirement



Class meets in person.

Meeting Times/Location
T 4:30PM - 6:30PM
Gittis Hall 214



This course explores strategic, business and legal decision making in a fluid real world corporate context. Classes will cover a series of timely financial and legal subjects as well as case studies that deal with topical problems in corporate governance, investment strategy, private equity, executive compensation and potential corporate and criminal behavior. Press, public market reaction and governmental/political considerations will be integrated into the discussion. All students will be required to participate in one major team project. and several more limited projects. An equal number of graduate law and business students will participate. The instructor is a 36 year veteran of private equity and retired partner of the private equity firm KKR. He is also an attorney and CPA. No pre-requisites.

Course Concentrations

Business and Corporate Law Learning outcomes: Demonstrate a core understanding of business and corporate law; Perform legal analysis in the context of business and corporate law; Communicate effectively on topics related to business and corporate law; Demonstrate an understanding of the interconnection between the world of business and finance and that of business and corporate law, and how they affect other areas of law and society.