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Common Law Contracts for LLMs (Rosenberg)

Spring 2023   LAW 532-001  

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Ilan Rosenberg

Adjunct Professor of Law

Additional Information
Satisfies Senior Writing Requirement



Class meets in person.

Meeting Times/Location
T 6:40PM - 8:30PM
Silverman Hall 240A



This course provides a summary of modern American contract law. The emphasis is on how common law contract principles have been, and are constantly being, developed and refined by common law courts. The Restatement of Contracts and the Uniform Commercial Code will be discussed as part of the over-all survey of modern American contract law but the emphasis will be on decided cases and the guidance that flows from those decisions. An overview of such basic concepts as offer, acceptance, consideration, defenses to contract formation, and remedies will be presented as will practice based solutions to particular problems. The course assumes some familiarity with U.S. civil procedure (federal and state). It is designed to give lawyers familiar with Code contract principles an idea of how the American common law has shaped and developed similar commercial concepts and principles. The emphasis is on practice rather than theory and is geared to the practitioner rather than the student.

Drops must be completed by the end of the third class session.

There will be only one final, multiple choice exam.

Attendance is strongly recommended for all sessions as the material in the class discussions will bear significantly on the topics being addressed and in-class participation will play a roll in the final grade. Groups will be assigned the responsibility for discussing in class the issues that we are focusing upon in particular cases and for analyzing how the issue is being addressed by the US (or occasionally UK) courts compared to how the issue would be addressed in the country in which the student earned his/her initial law degree.


"Contracts: Cases and Doctrine" by Randy E. Barnett, Nathan B. Oman
Edition: 6th Edition
Publisher: Wolters Kluwer
ISBN: 9781454871033

"Selections for Contracts " by Farnsworth, E. Allan
Edition: 2021
Publisher: West Law
ISBN: 9781636593814