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Externship: City of Philadelphia Law Department (Bradley)

Spring 2023   LAW 819-001  

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Liz Bradley

Visiting Assistant Practice Professor of Law

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Experiential Course


Skills Training
Oral Presentations
Drafting Legal Documents
Other Professional Skills:

100% Other (Fieldwork & is pass/fail)

Satisfies Senior Writing Requirement



Class meets in person.

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The Philadelphia Law Department is pleased to offer semester legal externships for 2L and 3L students for 4 credits. In this externship, students will gain first-hand experience working on litigation matters, transactional matters, or policy matters for the City of Philadelphia. The Philadelphia Law Department handles the City’s litigation, offers advice and counsel to the Mayor, the City Council, and City agencies, and represents the City in development deals. The Law Department is composed of four groups: Corporate and Tax, Litigation, Social Services, and Legislation. Within each group are Units and Divisions with a wide range of practice areas. Our attorneys represent the City before federal and state courts on a diverse array of matters, including civil rights, tort claims, labor and employment, affirmative litigation, and appeals. In the past, students have drafted legislation, participated in development deals, drafted memoranda of law and litigation documents, including complaints and answers, joined City attorneys in meetings with government officials, and assisted at legislative hearings, depositions, or trials. Each student will be assigned to work at a division at the Philadelphia Law Department for 12 hours/week, working on issues such as lawsuits challenging the validity of the City’s regulatory laws; litigation in which the City is a plaintiff; economic development projects; discrimination, retaliation, or other employment-related claims; legislation and counseling; or dependency matters.

Qualified applicants should: Have strong interpersonal, communication, analytical, critical thinking, problem-solving skills, legal research, and writing skills. The Law Department also looks for applicants who are committed to public service, teamwork, diversity, and inclusion.

To apply: Submit a cover letter and resume in one PDF document via email to externships@law.upenn.edu before 11 AM on October 19, 2022 (include Phila. Law Dept. in your subject line).

Please note that this placement expends a great deal of time and effort scheduling work, securing supervisors, designing programming, creating office space, etc. Thus, students are strongly encouraged to enroll only if they are committed to completing the externship. If you have any questions about this externship, please email externships@law.upenn.edu.

Course Concentrations

Business and Corporate Law Learning outcomes: Demonstrate a core understanding of business and corporate law; Perform legal analysis in the context of business and corporate law; Communicate effectively on topics related to business and corporate law; Demonstrate an understanding of the interconnection between the world of business and finance and that of business and corporate law, and how they affect other areas of law and society.

Skills Learning outcomes: Demonstrate an understanding of the individual course skill; Demonstrate the ability to receive and implement feedback; Demonstrate an understanding of how and when the individual course skill is employed in practice.

Public Interest Learning outcomes: Demonstrate a core understanding of the varied legal aspects of public interest law; Perform legal analysis in the context of public interest law; Communicate effectively on topics related to public interest law; Demonstrate an understanding of how public interest law is connected to and affected by a wide variety of legal and regulatory structures and doctrines.