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Health Care Financing and Equity (Taliaferro)

Spring 2023   LAW 934-001  

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Skills Training
Expository Writing

20% Participation,
80% Paper

Satisfies Senior Writing Requirement

With Permission of Instructor
The student must obtain the approval of the law school administration that the specifications of the class research paper will meet the Senior Writing Requirement. Once that approval is obtained, the professor may be notified and the next steps to satisfy the requirement can be discussed and completed.


Class meets in person.

Meeting Times/Location
R 6:40PM - 8:40PM
Tanenbaum Hall 112



This course will focus on the methods and means of financing health care from the context of the basic transaction -- the provision of a health care service or supply to an individual and the payment for such a service or supply -- to the broader framework created by commercial and governmental products and programs in which most health care transactions occur. We will address health care financing through private payment, commercial insurance and administration, Medicaid and Medicare. The course will examine the laws and policies that govern and shape the financing of health care services and the significance of health care to the overall economy. Throughout consideration will be given to whether health care financing methodologies contribute to health inequities and disparities that are now recognized as so prevalent. Other topics impacting health care financing, such as health care fraud and the provision of services to uninsured persons, will also be discussed. Grading: Eighty percent of grading for the class will be based on a final paper and twenty percent on class attendance and participation. If you are unable to attend class, advance notice is requested.

Course Concentrations

Health Law Learning outcomes: Demonstrate a core understanding of health law and policy; Perform legal analysis in the context of health law and policy; Communicate effectively on topics related to health law and policy; Demonstrate an understanding of the interconnection among health law and policy and issues of access to services, public and private financing of health industries, and the political and economic issues surrounding issues of health law and health services.

Administrative and Regulatory Law Learning outcomes: Demonstrate a core understanding of administrative and regulatory law and the administrative process, including the role of statutory authorization and work of administrative agencies; Perform legal analysis in the context of administrative and regulatory law; Communicate effectively on topics related to administrative and regulatory law; Demonstrate an understanding of the role administrative and regulatory law play in our legal system and in society as a whole.


"The Law of Health Care Finance and Regulation" by Mark A. Hall, Mary Anne Bobinski and David Orenticher
Edition: 4th edition
Publisher: Aspen Pub
ISBN: 9781454890386