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ML: Venture Capital Bootcamp (Reavis)

Spring 2024   LAW 559-301  

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Donyale Reavis


Additional Information
Satisfies Senior Writing Requirement



Class meets in person.

Meeting Times/Location
UFS 9:00AM - 5:00PM
Tanenbaum Hall 345

Masters in Law


OVERVIEW The Paper Chase is a 1-credit (graded CR/F), two-day venture capital competition that pitches two different start-up business teams against one another and through the venture capital funding review they will endure on the path to funding success. The Paper Chase uses hypothetical scenarios for a whole-class group competition among several hypothetical start-up or early-stage ventures based on real world examples, and the risks and real issues that need to be managed along the way to success. Each team will be “coached” by an actual VC partner as they develop a pitch deck and presentation. The VC partners will determine the winning funded team at the conclusion of day two based upon the quality of each team’s pitch deck and presentation.

GOALS 1. Expose students to the challenges and opportunities of using business law to build a successfully funded enterprise 2. Teaching the fundamentals of deal structure and terms, legal agreements, due diligence, small business strategy and operations, and exit strategies 3. Create a class element that drills down on group dynamics, working with different personalities and the value of relationship-building/EQ skills 4. Applying the learned concepts during a closing half-day competition

The class will meet on Friday, 3/15, Saturday, 3/16, and Sunday, 3/17, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm in T345.