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Professional Responsibility (Tulante)
Spring 2018   LAW 555-005  

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Meeting Times/Location
W 6:30PM - 8:20PM
Gittis Hall 214

Sozi Pedro Tulante

Adjunct Professor of Law

Additional Information

Short Answer,
In Class,

Satisfies Senior Writing Requirement




This course tackles the ethical obligations imposed on criminal prosecutors by the United States Constitution and the Model Rules of Professional Responsibility. A criminal prosecutor must reconcile the ethical imperative to "seek justice" with personal incentives to "win" the case and professional obligations to protect the public. We will examine the areas of prosecutorial decision-making that are most likely to raise ethical issues, with a focus on federal prosecutors. These areas include prosecutorial discretion; discovery practice; the use of cooperating defendants or informants; plea negotiations; and trial conduct. You will also be presented with speakers who will offer a practical, real-life context in which prosecutors act. There will be an in-class examination at the conclusion of the course.

Course Concentrations

Professional Responsibility and Ethics Learning outcomes: Demonstrate an understanding of how the law affects, and is affected by, the individual course topic; Perform legal analysis in the context of the individual course topic; Communicate effectively on the legal and other aspects of the individual course topic; Demonstrate the ability to use other disciplines to analyze legal issues relevant to the individual course topic, including economics, philosophy, and sociology, as appropriate.


"Prosecutorial Ethics" by R. Michael Cassidy
Edition: 2 edition
Publisher: West Academic Publishing
ISBN: 9780314282743