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Remedies and Litigation Strategy (Beetlestone/Tsai/Roper)

Spring 2023   LAW 994-001  

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Skills Training
Oral Presentations
Expository Writing
Other Professional Skills:

15% Participation,
85% Paper

Satisfies Senior Writing Requirement



Class meets in person.

Meeting Times/Location
W 6:40PM - 8:40PM
Silverman Hall 270



The successful attorney recognizes that not all remedies are achieved through the same litigation strategies. The differences start with the complaint’s ad damnum clause, which focuses on the question of what a client is entitled to when they win a case and why. This seminar, taught by a federal judge, a state judge, and a civil rights and complex litigation lawyer who is the former Deputy Legal Director at the ACLU of Pennsylvania, will explore in a practical way the full range of civil remedies – damages, equitable relief, statutory remedies, contract remedies and more – and how the legal principles underlying each source of relief dictate the course of action in advising and representing the client. Student evaluation will be based on class participation (15%) and presentation of a 25-page paper (85%).

Course Concentrations

Courts and the Judicial System Learning outcomes: Demonstrate a core understanding of both substantive and procedural issues in the operation of our legal system; Perform legal analysis in the context of procedural issues and the judicial process; Communicate effectively on topics related to procedure and the judicial process; Demonstrate an understanding of how procedural issues and the judicial process affect all other area of our legal system.