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US Legal Research (Lang)

Summer 2024   LAW 589-003  

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Andrew William Lang

Head of Reference & Student Services

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Skills Training
Oral Presentations
Team Projects
Expository Writing

Satisfies Senior Writing Requirement



Class meets in person.

Meeting Times/Location
TF 2:00PM - 3:30PM
Silverman Hall 240A



U.S. Legal Research and Writing combines learning about US legal resources and materials and how to research them with the ability to present an analysis of the research results in written document. The Legal Research portion of the course will explore the various primary sources of law in the US system and the secondary sources which provide analysis of that law. Research will be conducted through a variety of online sources enabling the student to develop a critical analysis of those online tools. The Legal Writing portion of the course covers basic legal analysis, synthesis and writing. You will be learning the basic skills of U.S. lawyering, including writing predictive analyses, communicating effectively and efficiently, using legal authority to support any issue, and following the basic rules and standards of professional conduct.

Course Concentrations

Skills Learning outcomes: Demonstrate an understanding of the individual course skill; Demonstrate the ability to receive and implement feedback; Demonstrate an understanding of how and when the individual course skill is employed in practice.

Perspectives on the Law Learning outcomes: Demonstrate an understanding of how the law affects, and is affected by, the individual course topic; Perform legal analysis in the context of the individual course topic; Communicate effectively on the legal and other aspects of the individual course topic; Demonstrate the ability to use other disciplines to analyze legal issues relevant to the individual course topic, including economics, philosophy, and sociology, as appropriate.


"A Lawyer Writes" by Christine Coughlin, Joan Malmud Rocklin, and Sandy Patrick
Edition: 3rd edition
Publisher: Carolina Academic Press
ISBN: 9781531008765

"Uniform System of Citation (The Blue Book)" by Harvard Law
Edition: 21st (2020)
Publisher: Harvard Law
ISBN: 9780578666150