Classroom Surveys Student How-To

The Classroom Surveys tool (sometimes referred to as a Classroom or Audience Response System) allows instructors to poll their students during class and receive the results immediately (both numeric and graphic) via the Course Portal. Students login to the Portal using their laptops to submit their response. The results can then be made available to the entire class to view and discuss.

Accessing Classroom Surveys for your Course

If the Classroom Surveys feature is enabled, a [Classroom Surveys] link will appear on your Portal homepage (see below) and in your course's left menu. Click on the link, which will open a new window.

Classroom Surveys Homepage

If your instructor has not yet deployed a question to the class, you will see the message "There are currently no questions for this class". Once the instructor deploys the question, it will automatically appear on your homepage (there is no need to refresh this page).

Answering Survey Questions

When the instructor deploys a question, it will appear on the screen along with the possible answers. At the bottom of the screen you will see the elapsed time since the question was first deployed.

To answer the question, click on one of the possible answers.

Once you select your answer, it will be highlighted in green and you will see a message that "Your vote has been received." Note: you can change your answer at any time, until the instructor closes the question.

Once the instructor has closed the question, you will the response results. If a new question is opened, it will automatically appear on your screen and you can start the process again. If your instructor has deployed multiple questions at one time, you will see the option to "Proceed to the next question."

Viewing Past Survey Results

Click on the "Previous Question Results" link at the top of Classroom Surveys window to view the results of past surveys. Click on a survey name to view the individual questions and results.


If you have additional questions, please contact the ITS Help Center at or 215-898-2679.