Blog: How-To

Blog is short for the term 'web log.' It is a web site where entries are made in journal style and are displayed in reverse chronological order (most-recent first). It also includes an option to allow users to post comments to existing entries.

Each course in the Course Portal has the option of having a Blog. If a Blog has been activated for your course, a link to the Blog will appear under that course on your Portal homepage.

Accessing the Blog

Reading the Blog:

When you enter the blog, you will see a page similar to the one below, with content from the most recent blog posts in the main area and viewing options down the right side.

The options down the right-side are:

Posting to the Blog:

Basic Entries

Click on the Add Entry link on the right-side of the page to create a blog entry. The page below will be displayed. Complete the form and press the Save button to post a blog entry.

Additional Settings

You have the option of changing some information about your blog entry before you create it. To do this, click on the Additional Settings tab at the top of the page. You can create a blog entry without visiting this page by simply pressing the Save button on the Main tab.

Commenting on an Entry:

If your instructor has enabled the comment feature, you can post a comment about an entry. First load the entry by either clicking on the title from the blog main page, or by searching for an entry and viewing it. Then, click on the Add Comment link at the bottom of the entry. A popup window will display with the form below. Enter your comment information and click the Post button.

Blog Administration:

Following is a description of the options in the Blog Administration section on the right-side of the blog.

Add Entry

This option is used to post to the blog. See Posting to the Blog for more information.


This option will list all the entries in the blog. You can edit an entry by clicking on the entry title. If you saved an entry as draft by setting Released = No, you would come here to edit the entry and set it to Released = Yes once you are ready to post it. You can also get to the Add Entry page from here or select the checkboxes and then click the Deleted Selected link to remove entries.


This option lists all the categories used by the blog. Here you can add new categories, or select the checkbox of a category and then click the Delete Selected link to delete the category.


This option lists all the comments in the blog. If comment moderation is enabled for the blog and the comment has not been approved, it will not be listed here.

Moderate Comments

If the course instructor opted to moderate comments in the Manage Site page, then once a comment is posted, it will be listed here until approved. The instructor will receive an email notifying them that a comment was posted. To approve the comment, which will cause it to be displayed in the blog entry, click the Approve link. To delete the comment, click the checkbox and then click the Delete Selected link. You can view the comment by clicking on the comment text.

Your Blog

This option will return you to the main blog page, where the most recent entries are listed. The Your Blog (New Window) option will open a new browser window and display the main blog page in that window.

Your Blog Stats

This displays statistics about the usage of your blog.

If you have additional questions, please read the PORTAL HOW-TO or contact the ITS Help Desk at or 898-2679.