Document Dropbox: How-To

The Document Drobox is a Course Portal feature that allows students to upload files to be viewed by their course instructor. The Document Dropbox is organized into a directory structure with folders and files.

Accessing the Document Dropbox

To Upload a File:

Add a File

Add a File

Add a File

To Create a New Folder (Instructor Only):

Create New Folder

The folder will be added to your Dropbox homepage

Create New Folder 2

To Delete a Folder/Filer (Instructor Only):
To Delete a Folder:

Delete a Folder

To Delete a File: Delete a File

To Rename a Folder (Instructor Only):

Rename Folder

To Lock a Folder (Instructor Only):
Lock a Folder

To Unlock a Folder
Unlock a Folder

If you have additional questions, please read the PORTAL HOW-TO or contact the ITS Help Desk at or 898-2679.