Course Portal — Appointment Scheduler How-To

What is the Appointment Scheduler?
The Appointment Scheduler, when activated, allows your instructor to create available appointments (e.g. office hours). You can then browse a calendar to look for, and select, available appointments that fit your schedule. The Appointment Scheduler keeps track of appointments you have signed up for, and can be configured to send you an email reminder of your upcoming appointments.
How to access the Appointment Scheduler

If your instructor has enabled the Appointment Scheduler for your course, you will see a link for [appointment scheduler] on your Course Portal homepage below the course name.

A link will also appear on the course navigation:

Using the Appointment Scheduler

The Appointment Scheduler is divided into 2 main components: a section listing your Current Appointments and a section that enables you to Sign-up for Appointments:

Viewing/Editing your Upcoming Appointments

The top section lists any current course appointments you may have for the course you are viewing. The appointments are listed chronologically, with the soonest appointments listed first.

To set a reminder for a given appointment, click the Send Reminder checkbox:

If you need to cancel an appointment, click the Cancel button:

Beneath your appointment list, you will find a link to view your appointments for all calendars. If you have appointments scheduled for mutltiple courses, this link will take you to a page where you can view and manage your appointments for all courses.

Signing-up for Appointments

The next section allows you to browse, using a calendar interface, upcoming appointments.

To view appointments of a specific type (e.g. lunch appointments), make a selection in the Appointment Type menu:

The calendar displays one week at a time. Only days that have available appointments are linked in the calendar interface:

To advance to the next month, click the arrow to the right of the calendar heading:

Once you find an appointment that fits your schedule, you can sign up by clicking the Select button:

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