Add a Web Link How-To

This new feature allows users to add a "Web Link", which is a link to an external web site from your course site. This creates a new file in your course folder with the extension "url". You can then link to this file from your site's menu or from within a folder.
To add a web link, click on the "Add a Web Link" button located on the "Add/Manage Your Course Content" page. (Go to Manage Site -> select the Content tab -> click the button to Add/Manage Your Course Content)

Click the "Add a Web Link" button to start the process of creating a web link

This will bring up a box where you can specify the details of the web link. The link name is the text that the student clicks to get to the web site, and the link address is the full URL of the web site, including the http:// at the beginning.

Creating a web link requires knowing the link's name and address

Web Links are Files

Creating a web link creates a new file in your course folder with the extension "url". The file will have the naming convention "LinkName.url".

You can add web links directly to your course's folder (LAW999-999-09C) or within any subfolder.

Course folders can contain web links

Linking to a "Web Link" From Your Site's Menu

Just like any other type of file, you can link to web links from your course menu. In the example below, we added a Custom Link for Google. We then selected the file google.url to link to.

This creates a link to Google in the menu (which opens in a new window.)

Linking to a "Web Link" via a Folder

In the example below, we created a subfolder called External Links and added 5 web links (.url files) to that folder. We then linked to the folder from the course's left menu as "Related Links". This creates a page with 5 external links (each opening in a new window.)


If you have additional questions, please read the PORTAL HOW-TO or contact the ITS Help Desk at or 898-9140.